Buy Cute Cat Dresses - A Kickstarter

So. It has come to our attention that our incredibly brave and adorable kitty; Vori, is having a tough time with the cold weather of an Australian winter! Please help her by pledging funds to our kickstarter so we can buy her the pretty princess dresses she deserves to keep warm. You will personally be making one 3-legged cat extremely happy! 

You can find the kickstarter HERE

Please signal boost - anything to help our wonderful kitty! <3

Vori’s being a good cat-mum to Melaine. I’ve never seen her put up with another cats bullshit so well. Incidentally, the ragdolls weren’t very kind to Vori and scratched her on the nose! It’s healing up fine, so I don’t think it’s definitely going to scar, but in the meantime it makes her look pretty badass!